Under the Shrub

by Brenda's Friend

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BRENDA'S FRIEND is Amy Oelsner & Erin Tobey.

cassette from Let's Pretend Records | LPR-135
Bloomington, Indiana, 2015


released April 2, 2015

All songs by Brenda's Friend. Engineered and mixed by Patrick Jennings at Unseasonable Sound, Bloomington, IN in January, 2015. Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording. Art and design by Janelle Beasley. "Thunder Pillow" arranged by Marina Gagarina and Amy Oelsner; originally recorded by Lutra Lutra Lutra.


all rights reserved



Brenda's Friend Bloomington, Indiana

Two Girl Rhumba
Photo by Anna Powell Teeter, art by Janelle Beasley

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Track Name: King of the Doctors

I got that bread and butter
No one can catch me
I'm the doctor, king of the doctors
Rest your head upon my knee

Flowers are growing
Track Name: Thump Thump

It's not raining anymore
I found my lucky chapstick
I've been rushing out the door
Without even a jacket

Thump, thump in my chest
A heart this sweet should wear a dress
Archetypal angel wings
The symbol of protagonist
Let's meet up after work
Let's meet up after work

Now I think you broke my mind
It's summer summer summer time
Close enough to touch your toes
Getting warmer with each try

Grab your father's sleeping bag
Let's make a bed outside
Tonight is when the elements
Are making colors out of light
Track Name: Thunder Pillow

Wake up, wake up, you belong to the night
A hundred years old, it takes that long for light to die
In your eyes, in your head a stairway to your bed
Feather pillow, the softest way to kill your friends

I need my thunder shirt
I'm a dog with such a tiny heart
It's beating so quickly
My body is a conduit
Tiny dog with a giant heart
Thunder pillow
Find me in the dark

Wake up, wake up, you belong to the night
Thunder pillow, swear it doesn't hurt
Wake up, wake up, you belong to the night
Thunder pillow, swear it doesn't hurt
Wake up
Track Name: Estate Sale

She bought the house
Let's take her out
Now you're not a renter
But in the end, you lose it again
Estate sale in the winter

What did I dream?
You were being mean to me
It's been a serious addiction

I know you do, want me to do
Everything I want to
Talk to me now
I hear the sound of you in rebellion

Was it a dream?
You were coming back to me
It was a fantastic vision
Track Name: Comedy Show

He lost his little dog at the comedy show
Wake up, wake up it only feels late
When you're early to rise and the first to know
Hip thrust, foot rub
Getting comfortable living under the shrub
You seem drunk but you're not
Put on your big hat and laugh at the leash without the dog

It seems late, I calculate the data in my head
Rabbit, rabbit first of the new month
First of the new moon, first off
Pour over, coffee grinds
Hot water, smell reminds
Messy house with a dogwood outside
My window in the summer time

Jump over, data cloud
Roll over, no leash allowed
Jump over, bringing in the new moon
Laughing at the old dog
Track Name: Freon

Honey, honey, it's been so long
I'm afraid outside of our neighborhood
Nerves for hair, crackling as the air conditioner blows
It blows

Freon, freon, in the garage
There's a leak somewhere in the neighborhood
I wish we were there
blowing all the insulation in

There's no darkness at night but there's sound
All the hospital lights hum a tone
Lay out flat on your back,
focus hard on the stars and they're found

Honey, honey, you mow the lawn
as I eat the clover clippings
The serviceberry tree is dropping all its leaves but flowering – uh-oh!
ld me for a moment
This is you and me
before the baby

Rainy, rainy days underground
All the basement walls are weeping
Pack up all the gear!
The wedding wreath is here and mouldering
Track Name: Mother's Tongue

Are you afraid of the dark?
But where do you think you came from?

Touch fire with a glove
Wrap your hand in tape and say
It was worth the right to be with love
It was worth the right to be with love

Lick poison from a cup
You will say the strangest things
When you've had it straight from mother's tongue
When you've had it straight from mother's tongue

Lick it up, little pup
Then you scream, til it's clean
In the dark...

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